Matt,   Nine years ago you were alive.

Nine years ago we were both anticipating a beautiful new year

Nine years ago I sent you a text telling you that 2015 was going to be the best year ever. 

Nine years ago my heart was full of hopes and dreams. 

Nine years ago we had a conversation sharing our plans for the evening. 

Nine years ago you were spending time with your friends attending a 24 hour NA meeting. 

Nine years ago I stalked your Facebook page checking you were where you were supposed to be.  

Nine years ago I felt both anxiety and anticipation regarding your being strong enough to remain drug free. Strong enough to keep your beautiful future in the forefront of your mind.

Nine years ago we spoke at midnight watching the ball drop together although we were 1000 miles apart. 

Nine years ago I told you how proud I was of all you accomplished and how I looked so forward to seeing you again.  

Nine years ago I had no idea that 3 days into the New Year all my hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future would shatter at my feet. 

Nine years ago I could never have allowed myself to think the future we both dreamed of would never come to be. 

Nine years ago I never knew that 2015 would change the course of my life forever. 

Nine years ago.